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About clariSEA

clariSEA is a cruelty-free, treatment brand focused on the improvement of skin and self through simple yet effective products that bring together the best of nature and science and challenge the notion that acne and other difficult skin conditions can only be treated with harsh chemical cleansers and serums. Take a different approach and see and feel the benefits as you soak, cleanse and buff your way to clearer, healthier skin.

Our Mission

At clariSEA we strive to create skin care products that improve the health and clarity of your skin in the mildest possible ways. All of our products are developed and manufactured in the USA by Alison herself and sometimes in consultation with a private lab. All of our formulas are exclusive to clariSEA. We work hard at making each and every product as natural as possible without compromising on effectiveness or performance.

Our Product Core

All of our products are benzoyl peroxide free and intended for use on all skin types, especially sensitive skin. Our fundamental product is sea salt, the closest we can come to capturing the ocean in a jar. We don't offer just any sea salt though. We have carefully tested numerous kinds from around the world to create an ideal blend that replicates the perfect balance of minerals in the ocean. We now grind our sea salt down to a powder for an equally effective but less irritating exfoliation experience.

To match the high quality of our salts, we use premium ingredients in all our products so you'll look and feel as fresh and radiant as you do after a dip in the ocean. Whether it's the Clarifying Salt Treatment or Purifying Facial Cleanser, clariSEA products will give you clear and healthy skin every day of the week!