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The Real Faces of clariSEA

Mary: Performing Arts HS Student & Musical Theater Actress

Performances: "13 the Musical" (original Broadway cast), "Gypsy of the Year" fundraiser for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids, "At This Performance" Broadway Cabaret.

Skin Issues: Teenage Breakouts & Sensitive Skin

As a high school student and actress my skin is always under a lot of stress from school, studying, auditions, stage makeup and performances. I love clariSEA because the products help clear up my breakouts without making my complexion red and irritated like other acne treatments I've tried. I use the Purifying Cleanser daily and the Perfecting Clay Mask and "dunk" (Clarifying Salt Treatment: Face Soak) a couple times a week. All the products work really well together to keep my skin clear so I can concentrate on school, life and performing rather than my complexion:]

Kameka: NYC Sales Professional

Skin Issues: Stress & Hormonal Breakouts, Uneven Tone

For the past few years my skin has been blotchy and every so often I would get these clusters of pimples that would take weeks and weeks to go away. I tried a million different products; over the counter, spa products, you name it! And I would still encounter the same problem. Last summer I bought the Starter System and now I use the Clarifying Salt Treatment 2-3 times a week, the Purifying Cleanser daily and the Perfecting Clay Mask weekly and my skin has improved dramatically. I rarely breakout and my skin always maintains the right amount of natural oils so even after a really long week, my complexion looks clear, healthy and radiant!

Jirina: Fitness Coach

Skin Issues: Sweat Breakouts-Face & Body

I teach 30 hours of physically challenging classes every week so I spend the better part of my day sweating which is not always good for my skin, especially my shoulders. After using the clariSEA Salt Scrub for a couple days I could see a major difference on my back: fewer breakouts, faster healing, smoother skin. It fits in perfectly with my routine because I'm always on the go and it's quick and easy to use. I usually massage it into my skin at night before I get in the shower. Using it dry allows for an even deeper treatment. I also add some of the Clarifying Salt Treatment to the jar as I go to make it last longer! And to help control breakouts on my face, I use the Purifying Cleanser daily.

Pamela: Event Producer and Fitness Professional

Skin Issues: Sporadic Breakouts, Fine Lines

I've been washing my face with Cetaphil for as long as I can remember because it's mild and gets the job done. But now that I'm in my 30s, I need a cleanser that keeps my skin clarified, toned and tightened. As an Event Producer I travel a lot and often work long, late hours and I love how the Purifying Cleanser instantly revitalizes my skin morning and night so I look fresh and awake for every event after a long night, week, month, year!