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Meet Alison

clariSEA has grown into a brand that treats all types of breakouts and difficult skin conditions, but I originally started clariSEA to provide frustrated acne sufferers with an alternative to standard chemical acne treatments that continue to leave a messy trail of red and irritated complexions in their wake. I am not a dermatologist and I do not claim to know how to treat a disease. I am a regular person who suffered from acne for a long time and through hard work, perseverance and a little luck, found a way to control it without using harsh products. I figured out along the way why I had the same negative result over and over again with every treatment I tried until I discovered my sea salt solution.

Acne Product Duplication

According to the FDA, acne is a disease and only a drug can treat a disease so if a company wants to market a product as an over the counter (OTC) acne treatment, they are only allowed to use certain active ingredients that have been approved by the FDA for the treatment of acne; the 3 most popular being Salicylic Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide and Sulfur. The result: countless red, irritated, dry and flaky complexions, frustrated consumers and extreme duplication in the acne market. Most facial acne products contain 1-2% Salicylic Acid, 2.5-4% Benzoyl Peroxide or Sulfur. So if those 3 ingredients do not agree with your skin or work for you then you do not have many other options. Variations in filler ingredients do not change much because the active ingredient is so strong. Its effects will almost always overpower.

Misleading Clinical Trials

Many companies choose to use the highest allowable percentage of active ingredients in their acne products so they can get the best possible results during clinical trials in the category that measures how many blemishes were eliminated. Better clinical trial numbers equals better marketing, more shelf space in stores and more sales. But those clinical trials do not usually take into account how red, irritated and dry participants’ complexions became while their blemishes were being treated. There is no category for that in clinical trials or at least it is not advertised. And that’s what we are all after; clear, natural looking skin, free of redness and irritation. I never wanted one if I could not have the other.

Why We Sell clariSEA as a Cosmetic

That is the main reason why we decided to sell clariSEA products as cosmetics rather than acne drugs. We did not want our products and customers to suffer from those aforementioned constraints. 75% of our are products are 100% natural and a handful of the remaining 25% contain minimal amounts of Salicylic Acid (0.5% as opposed to 2%). They attain a significant improvement in skin because they are formulated in a uniquely effective way, not because they are used at an extreme percentage or because they supposedly penetrate more deeply into skin (something acne treatments supposedly do, but usually end up more deeply irritating skin instead).

Sometimes common sense and extensive personal experience are enough to find a solution. You would be surprised by how many Dermatologist brands have been formulated by private laboratories without consultation from the Doctors themselves. The Dermatologists are only brought in at the very end for show and marketing credibility. Most acne products including dermatologist brands are duplications of other acne products on the market. clariSEA products are different. They are uniquely formulated and driven by the belief that there is a more nature based and gentle alternative to harsh acne products.

clariSEA products are not only for acne prone skin. We have countless customers of all ages who do not have severe breakouts and use the products to improve the tone, texture and clarity of their skin.

Salt Misconceptions

The biggest misconception about the Clarifying Salt Treatment is that it works by "drying" out blemishes. If you use the Clarifying Salt Treatment as a Soak, your skin will probably need a moisturizer afterwards because of the water, but your skin will be unbelievably soft and smooth to the touch. The salt actually returns a more natural moisture balance to your skin so you do not get those annoying dry, flaky patches that often accompany use of harsh acne serums and cleansers. The salt’s natural anti-septic qualities eliminate acne causing bacteria on the surface of skin while deeply exfoliating pores to draw all that “stuff” out so pores can start to work more normally and eventually "run clean".

The Clarifying Salt Treatment is not just sodium chloride, it also contains a more minerally dense sea salt that tones, softens and brightens skin even further. If you take a bath in Dead Sea Salt your facial skin will be red and irritated. If you use Epsom Salt, your skin will not have a nice tone or texture. I spent countless hours testing and mixing different sea salts together to find the perfect mixture that would clear up blemishes while giving skin that clear and natural glow we all want.

If you find that your skin is experiencing the same annoying reaction to every cleanser and serum you try, there is a reason why and maybe it's time to try something new. Get some clariSEA Salt and a collapsible bowl or get in the bath tub and soak it out!