Clarifying Salt Scrub

Size: 15.5 oz.



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This daily body breakout treatment naturally fights acne causing bacteria and oil for clearer, smoother, bump-free skin on the chest, back, shoulders, arms and neck. The natural exfoliating and anti-bacterial properties of the super fine grain Pacific Ocean and Himalayan Pink Sea Salt blend, gently fights breakouts while softening and smoothing skin. The oil-free glycerin base tightens and tones while French seaweed extract purifies. A therapeutic dip in the ocean wrapped up in an easy to use scrub. Try it! You'll be hooked.

Clear Skin Tip: Use scrub on days when you don’t soak so the salts can continue to fight bacne and other body breakouts. For maximum skin clarity use on dry or damp skin. Add a little dry salt (Clarifying Salt Treatment) to the jar as you go to make it last longer.