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Skin Tips

Helpful tips for clearer, healthier skin.

Worse First

During the first few weeks of use you may actually break out more as the layers of impurities below the skin are brought to the surface and flushed out.

Don't Pick!

Resist the urge to pick as blemishes surface. Picking causes scarring which is permanent. Be confident that blemishes will clear up with proper use of the system.

Give Each New Product 6 Weeks

Bouncing from product to product may leave you with the impression that nothing works for your skin. Give a new product at least six weeks to produce a change in your complexion. One skin cycle takes 30 days (for new cells to reach the top layer of skin). In order to see a real difference in texture, tone and clarity, you need to use it for more than a month.

Careful of Product Overload

If your skin gets irritated after using a handful of new products, you won't know what's causing the problem. Instead, use one at at time and add a new product every two weeks so you can identify the source of the positive or not so positive result.

Clear Skin in a Week

If an important engagement is a week away (dance, wedding, pool party, date, vacation, etc.) and you want the equivalent (or better!) of a spa treatment at home to get ready, take a bath every day that week for at least 20 minutes with 2 cups of clarisea salt, thoroughly soaking the affected areas (face, back, chest, shoulders, etc.). You will see a huge difference in your skin!

Use Oil Free Moisturizers & Make-Up

The Sea Salt Solutions system is so effective because it constantly drains impurities from deep within pores. Avoid re-clogging pores by making sure everything you use on your skin, like moisturizers, after shave and make-up, are oil free and non-comodegenic.

Use Physical Sun Block

Regular sun screen use is imperative to prevent pre-mature aging and breakout causing excess oil production. Unfortunately, chemical sun screens are often a source of breakouts. Try a physical sun block containing titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide and use at least SPF 30 every day. If your skin looks too glossy from the lotion or is on the dry side, try a mineral powder.

Be Conscious of Bacteria

Be sure to sterilize make-up brushes and razors and change pillow cases and towels frequently to prevent bacteria from flourishing.

Cleanse Skin Before Bed

One of the best things you can do for your skin every day is to wash your face before bed. It's important to flush out impurities that have built up in pores throughout the day before they have the chance to cause blemishes.

More Sleep = Fewer Breakouts

Sleep is vital because stress hormones drop to normal levels at night, giving cells time to repair and rejuvenate. Plus, stress raises the levels of the hormone cortisol, which increases oil production and can lead to bouts of acne.

Use Sensitive Skin Detergent

If you have body breakouts use a laundry detergent for sensitive skin. Try Arm & Hammer's 2X Concentrated Laundry Detergent for Sensitive Skin. Certain ingredients in regular detergents stay in the fabric of clothes and can irritate skin during the day and when you sweat.

Cellulite Treatment Prep

Clarisea's sea salt blend has the added benefit of stimulating circulation within the top layer of skin, which, combined with the salts' natural exfoliation properties makes it the perfect cellulite treatment prep for maximum absorption and effectiveness.