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PR Squad, Ambassadors, Before & After Team

clariSEA is growing and we’re searching for content creators, brand ambassadors and acne sufferers whose values align with our own to help create a more interactive and meaningful social media experience.

We are a small, but growing woman owned business with increasing distribution in CVS Pharmacy. We formulate and manufacture our own products in house at our HQ in NJ. Every product is Vegan, Cruelty Free and Leaping Bunny Certified and we just received USDA Organic Certification.

When we're not formulating to USDA Organic standards, we formulate to Ecocert standards which are even more stringent than Whole Foods. That means completely non-toxic ingredient lists, even free of Phenoxyethanol which is still used widely within natural skincare. Bottom line: You can feel really good about using our products and sharing them with your followers.

Outlined Below are 3 Different Ways You Can Work With Us:

Join Our PR SQUAD and Receive a New Product Every Month for 4 Months. On the first of every month, we'll be sending an email out to the entire squad with that month's 2 product picks along with a detailed explanation of each. You'll then reply to the email with your product choice and we will ship it out within 1 week. Replies must be received within 4 business days of receiving the email to get that month's product. Apply now! The first product pick email goes out July 1st 2019!
Requirements To Apply:
* There must be an alignment of values. Meaning, you don't just want free stuff. You want to partner with a vegan, cruelty free brand that is working hard and doing the right things to deliver a more natural and effective solution to acne prone skin, problem skin and skincare in general. Our mission has to be important to you too so we can both create the most effective content.
* You love skincare! And you're interested in identifying the right products for your skin and exactly what it is about those products that improves your skin, your routine or your lifestyle.
* We don't have a follower minimum but proven active engagement is important.
* We're looking for an ability to create high quality, high resolution photos that showcase the product itself or the product in use with bright lighting, and a clean, uncluttered, well staged area. And of course, your natural beauty wherever possible. (See partner Instagram posts and image examples below.)


Requirements Once Approved: (All requirements must be met each month in order to receive the next month's product.)
* 1 post to your main feed and 2 stories every month. We're looking for bright, well-lit pictures of the products or a picture of the product in use.
Examples include:
- Explain how you use one of our facial masks to treat your particular skin concerns and take a selfie with the mask on.
- Use our Pretty Skin Serum in your skincare routine and take a selfie at the end to show how it makes your skin glow. 
- Take a video showing how you use one of the scrubs to tackle your unique skin problems.
* Follow our page and do your best to like our posts every day and comment on a post at least once a week.  

If joining the PR Squad sounds fun but you're a huge clariSEA fan and would like to take it a step further, then becoming a brand ambassador might be the perfect fit for you. Brand Ambassadors will work more closely with us to develop a plan to introduce the products to their followers.
Requirements Include:
* Placing "clariSEA Brand Ambassador" in your bio for the 6 month brand ambassadorship. 
* 2 total giveaways during the 6 month period.
* Active engagement in our posts and activities.
* And last but not least, 1 phone call with me, Alison, to get to know each other, brainstorm and kick off our partnership!


If promoting products on Instagram is not your thing, but you're struggling with your skin and looking for a solution, you might qualify to receive for free products by participating in our Before & After Campaign. 
Here's what to do:
* If you have active acne breakouts, email us a few well light "before" pictures that show your skin and active breakouts. If we think we can help, we will let you know. If you not, you can sign up for our newsletter and receive 35% off any order to help get started on the road to clear and healthy skin.



If you're interested in joining our team in any of the 3 ways listed above, please send a brief email clearly stating which partnership you're interested in (PR Squad, Brand Ambassador, Before & After Team) along with your instagram account to customercare@clarisea.com. If you're interested in the "Before & After Team" campaign please include the "Before" pics in your email as well.

We will reply if you're approved. If all spots are currently filled, we'll let you know so you can apply again in a few months. Once approved, we'll send you detailed instructions on next steps.
Alison & the Crew