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Shipping To Canada!

We are now shipping orders under 4 lbs to Canada!  If your order goes over 4 lbs, I will email you to see if there is anything you can take off the order to meet the 4 lb limit. If you're not sure if your order will be under 4 lbs, please email me and I will let you know -

Here are a few more details:

Shipping to Canada on any order under 4 lbs, is $12. We cannot apply free shipping promotions to orders shipping to Canada. Only orders shipping within the US are eligible for "Free shipping on orders $25+."

Because of the weight limit and limited amount of space in each box:

* We cannot ship the 38 oz or 23 oz Clarifying Salt Treatment to Canada.

* We can only ship 1 of the following within a single order: Clarifying Salt Treatment: Face Soak, Clarifying Salt Scrub, Pomegranate De-Bump Salt Buff, Super Detox Charcoal Scrub.