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Spring Brand Update

Hi clariSEA Fam!

I wanted to check in again, say hi, and bring you up to speed on what we're working on behind the scenes.

I realized over the past year that it makes sense to refine our assortment. It will help streamline our operation and free up time to focus on the production of products you guys rely on most. This will gradually lead to faster order processing times and create room for new items that can benefit you and your skin even more.

Here's a list of the products we'll be discontinuing over the next month or so. If they are some of your favs, be sure to grab a few before they're gone. 

Super Detox Charcoal Body Scrub - If you saw results from this Scrub, I think you can find results from the Clarifying Salt Scrub or Pomegranate De-Bump Salt Buff too. The bases are similar and they have a similar effect on the skin. Stocking 2 body scrubs instead of 3 will allow us to keep the remaining 2 in stock continuously without interruption.

Pore Clearing & Brightening Peel Off Mask - This product can be fun to use but it's labor intensive to make and clean up after. Sticky, sticky! I try to prioritize certified organic ingredients in every formula including this one, so this product ends up "hogging" a lot of Organic Alcohol. And we kind of need that Organic Alcohol more for the Toner. If you're sad to see it go, you can find similar results from the Brighten Exfoliate Detox Jelly Mask or Rapid Detox Clearing Mask.

Crushed Coconut Setting Powder - As a replacement, the Mattifying Healing Dust has a comparable formula and is equally or more effective.

Pretty Skin Organic Body Oil We can utilize the Body Oil's certified organic ingredients in other products that you guys rely on more including the Organic Pretty Skin Vitamin A + C Oil Serum & Boost. As a replacement, the Winter Dream Whipped Mango Butter Cream is a great hydrator for face and body.

Deep Pore Detox Activated Charcoal Exfoliating Mask - It's sad to see this product go! It's an original and was featured on IPSY for a long time. But the powder form makes it challenging to fill. If this was one of your favs, you can find similar benefits in the De-Blemish Drying Spot Treatment and Rapid Detox Clearing Mask.

We'll be discontinuing each of these products as we run out of the last batch of each.


PCR Jars for the Body Scrubs: We're excited to share that the body scrubs will now be packaged in a PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) plastic jar! It's the same size jar, but white, PCR and recyclable. We will eventually have updated images on the product pages. We're feeling good that the clean formula now aligns with the product's sustainable packaging and we hope you do too.

Clarifying Body Salt Scrub in PCR Jar

Ocean Saltwater Cleanser - Sustainable Packaging Update:

We're making progress on the updated Ocean Cleanser packaging. The artwork is done and we're now working on getting the new sugarcane derived tubes printed. We'll keep you posted on the launch date. 

Clarifying Salt Treatment: 

We're still planning on bringing back the bigger sizes of the Clarifying Salt Treatment. They will be packaged in recyclable and sustainable bags. Stay tuned for more details!

Other Sustainable Packaging Upgrades in the Works:

Pretty Skin Just Roses Facial Spray > Moving from a plastic bottle to a glass bottle. More details to come.

Formula Update:

Kona Love Bright Eyes Caffeine Moisture Stick - Buttery Softy Formula

The last few batches of the Pretty Skin Moisture Balm Stick and Kona Love Moisture Stick came out a little grainy so I did some research and testing and found that when we melt the Mango Butter on its own ahead of the melting of the entire formula, the grainy problem is resolved. So look out for some super smooth sticks coming your way. They glide on so nice and buttery soft.

FREE Pretty Skin Oil Serum Samples:

Starting today and for the rest of April, every order receives a free sample of the Pretty Skin Vitamin A + C Oil Serum & Boost.

We're looking forward to bringing these updates to fruition! Thank you for your continued support.

If you made it to the end of this email/blog post, thanks! It's our goal to deliver the cleanest possible products to you and your skin in the most sustainable ways for the sake of your health and wellness and that of the planet. If any of the products have made an impact on you and your skin and you feel like helping our little business by leaving a review, we would be so grateful. You can even review the MINIs we send out with orders. Perhaps you enjoyed the Brighten Exfoliate Detox Jelly Mask sample! All reviews help and are so appreciated. Thank you!

-Alison :)

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