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As a customer, it feels good to know that the proceeds from your purchases are being used to help a good cause. As a company, finding a way to help is imperative. Since animals are so near and dear to my heart (clariSEA is first and foremost a vegan brand), we are working to help women who have devoted their lives to helping animals. clariSEA is a Patreon for Rancho Relaxo - @boochaces and Angela Adan - @deservingdogs. 

Rancho Relaxo is an animal rescue and sanctuary in NJ!🦄I’ve been following Cailtin, @boochaces the founder for many years! There are so many hardworking rescues out there but Caitlin has a full time job outside of the rescue and is also in the trenches with the animals day in and day out, advocating for them, actually rescuing them, nursing them back to health, keeping them healthy, loving them and caring for them through their countless rewarding and heartbreaking life journeys. I could not do what she does but I'm so glad she's doing it. clariSEA donates $50 a month to Rancho Relaxo.

Angela Adan @deservingdogs used to work for a dog rescue that I followed but is now out on her own, in an RV, traveling the country, helping dogs where ever she can, especially the "handi-capable" dogs as she calls them. All the while taking care of 2 walking dogs, 2 wheelie dogs and her famous little canine sidekick @freddiemercury. clariSEA just started donating $44 a month to Angela and her pups.

We will be adding to our charity initiatives soon through 2 new product launches. Stay tuned!!