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The clariSEA Story

The clariSEA story, my skincare story, may sound familiar to you. Maybe you've dealt with some of the same frustrating experiences. I promise, there's hope.

I had terrible acne starting in high school, all the way through college and into my 20s. I tried pretty much every acne treatment available at the time. Neutrogena, ProActiv, various Dermatologist prescriptions including Differin, sulfur concoctions, countless OTC Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide products, skunky smelling Retin-A and antibiotics that turned my legs purple. Every treatment seemed to attack my skin to clear the blemishes, leaving behind an even less desirable trail of redness and irritation. I also tried the best natural skincare back then like Fresh, Origins and Boscia, but they still contained some really questionable ingredients and fragrance! Ugh. The worst skin irritator of all. I saw the potential in natural skincare but could never find the right combination of ingredients that would both clear and restore my skin without inflaming it. Starting to sound familiar?

I gradually developed terrible body acne as well. Every inch of my chest, back and shoulders were covered in pimples. I couldn't wear a t-shirt in the middle of summer because my neck and arms were completely broken out. I was even breaking out on my legs! It was embarrassing and demoralizing. My social life, mood and confidence were all being affected and I hated feeling like I didn't have any control. I dreamt of the day when I could go to bed at night knowing I would wake up in the morning with clear skin. 

After graduating from college, when my skin was at its absolute worst, I spent a summer at the beach and noticed that my skin was getting clearer and clearer as the days passed and as I spent more time in the ocean. The emerging breakouts down below the surface of my skin were coming up and clearing.  I gradually realized that the saltwater eliminates acne causing bacteria on the surface of skin, without stripping natural oils, all the while purging pores to help stop future breakouts. At the same time the saltwater is softening, toning and exfoliating your skin back to its purest state.

When the summer was over, my skin went back to normal and the breakouts resurfaced. So I started driving an hour to the beach, bringing back buckets full of ocean water to soak in. It wasn't the right solution but it did lead to the idea of soaking in dissolved sea salt water. I tried Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Bali, Mediterranean, Atlantic, Celtic, Grey...and the sea salt that ended up working was a combination of Pacific Ocean and Himalayan Pink Salt.

The purity of the Pacific Ocean salt and its ideal percentage of sodium chloride plus the dense healing minerals of the Himalayan Pink Salt cleared my skin up just like the ocean itself. I used to soak every day, both my body and face. I even bought a snorkel in order to soak for longer. After a few months of continued soaking, the worst of my acne had cleared up. My skin was so bad, I would have done anything to clear it up so all that soaking didn't seem so bad at first. But as time marched on, I didn't want to spend all that time in the tub. Since then, the challenge has been to transfer the healing effects of the sea into an effective skincare routine. 

Over the years, I've experimented, researched, tried, failed, listened, and gradually learned to formulate an effective assortment of skincare products to help clear your skin with the help of the sea along with additional supernatural active ingredients including charcoal, aloe, rosewater, aspen bark, kaolin, bentonite, lavender, witch hazel, natural glycolic acid, glucono delta lactone, gentle naturally derived surfactants. These formulas, based on my skincare journey, which is probably a lot like yours, are intended to deliver the skin you've always wanted in the simplest possible ways. With the fewest and best ingredients that are nourishing and replenishing to your skin without intoxicating your body, all at an extremely affordable price. These products will help you take back control of your life so you can concentrate on the important stuff and enjoy your skin and skincare routine instead of constantly struggling and stressing over it. Find out more about our formulas here



clariSEA is a 100% woman owned (by me) business based in NJ. We work hard to ensure that we deliver only the safest, most natural and effective products to our customers. All of our products are formulated in house and manufactured in house with TLC in small batches. We're CRUELTY FREE and VEGAN from beginning to end and we leave out the chemicals, fillers and extras, only including the most necessary ingredients so you can enjoy the clearest and healthiest skin possible.