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How To Keep Skin Glowing Through Fall

That sun-kissed dewy glow, the one that kept you going all summer long...all of a sudden the temperature drops and, poof, it's gone. Your skin becomes dry, flaky, maybe even peels a little. As the air gets colder, the humidity in the air drops and the natural waters within your skin evaporate more quickly. In fact, your skin loses more than 25 percent of its ability to hold moisture in the winter. (1)

Here are a few tips to keep your skin hydrated and glowing throughout the cold weather months:

* The Most Effective Hydration Comes from Within. Have you ever hydrated more than usual and noticed that your skin's glowing! No moisturizer can do what hydrating your skin from within can do. Increase your water intake during the colder months to offset skin's external water loss. At least 64 oz per day. Add extra fruit on top of that for a brightening boost. Avoid mixing sugary drinks with your hydration though. Sugar dehydrates skin too. 

* Use A Rich Moisturizer. If the Pretty Skin Moisturizer isn't getting the job done, add on the Pretty Skin Deep Moisture Face Cream daily to help lock in moisture. A mighty dose of Mango Butter moisturizes and nourishes skin longer than oils, without clogging pores. 

* Spritzy Spritzy. Since you're not getting that extra dewy glow from the humidity in the air, get it from your product. Spray and treat your skin with the best organic hydration mother nature has to offer like our Pretty Skin Double Love Moisture Mist to replenish your skin's cold weather water loss. Spray on twice daily and allow to air dry.

* Moderation Is Key. Some of the same foods that cause breakouts can also cause dry skin. Alcohol, carbs and sugar = dull, dry skin. They all dehydrate skin and inflame red areas. I know it's tough during the holidays but moderation and drinking that 64 oz of water daily, are key.

* Avoid Over Cleansing and Exfoliating. Summer weather can cause oily skin and extra breakouts. So the skincare regimen that worked to keep your skin clear during the summer, may be too harsh for cold weather months. Dial back the exfoliation and add the Pretty Skin Organic Oil Cleanser + Makeup Remover to your routine to re-balance confused skin and restore and replenish parched areas. 

Recommended Fall & Winter Regimen:

1) Brighten Exfoliate Detox Jelly Mask: Gently exfoliate, clear and prep skin and minimize redness and hyper-pigmentation leftover from summer. 

2) Pretty Skin Organic Cleansing Oil + Makeup Remover: Massage barrier restoring organic oil molecules deep into skin to immediately and noticeably increase hydration levels. 

3) Ocean Saltwater Clear Skin Cleanser: Gently cleanse and clear skin while drawing in moisture and re-texturizing sun damaged and acne damaged areas for a soft and supple finish. 

4) Pretty Skin Deep Moisture Face Cream: Lock in moisture and maintain soft and supple skin all day. Top off extra dry areas as needed with the Pretty Skin Moisture Balm Stick

5) Pretty Skin Double Love Moisture Mist: Spray on your dewy glow up to 3 times daily. This spritz combines our Pretty Skin Serum and Rose and Rosehip Hydrosols for the ultimate winter hydration when you're at home or on the move.


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