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Small Price Increase & Shipping Update

Hello clariSEA community! It's been a while since we've connected.

You guys have kept us very busy over the past year and a half! Thank you for your trust, your business and your continued support. 

We moved into a new space in June 2020 and have had our noses to the grindstone ever since, working on customizing and upgrading the space to suit our needs while keeping up with your orders and the demands of COVID.

I will be sending out a broader brand update soon that outlines our plans for the next year including sustainable packaging upgrades (yippee) and new product launches, but first I thought it was important to update you on a small price increase we just implemented on certain products. Along with an update on shipping costs and delivery times.

The pandemic has caused issues up and down the supply chain, forcing our suppliers to raise prices. We absorbed those increases for as long as possible but as a small batch, small skincare business that jam packs high quality ingredients, many Certified USDA Organic, into every formula, we can no longer absorb all of the increases.

We have increased prices by $1 or $2 on some products, but not all products. Considering the quality of the ingredients in our formulas and the fact that we don't use fillers (for instance the first ingredient in the Pretty Skin Moisturizer is Organic Rosewater instead of Water), I believe the new prices still mean we're delivering sustainable prices to our customers. I've always priced our products to be affordable so that if they do clear up your skin or offer a benefit, you can afford to continue to purchase them to help keep your skin clear. I know and understand from personal experience how important that is. 


All of our orders ship via USPS. In October, USPS increased their shipping costs and unfortunately at the same time they also changed their delivery methods on certain packages which means those packages will now take longer to reach you. Exactly how much longer, is still unclear. After watching the tracking for a few weeks, it looks like First Class packages, packages that weigh under 1lb, and are traveling the longest distance from NJ, are being affected the most. Instead of taking 2-3 days, it looks like they are taking up to 5 days. Some Priority packages, packages over 1 lb, are also being affected.

It's a very frustrating situation. I want your orders to reach you as quickly as possible so you can start getting results and feeling relief. And I know you want that too, plus your hard earned money is on the line. I understand that. But the Post Office is such a huge operation and shipping times are out of my control. Postal employees continue to work as hard as possible under difficult circumstances and I'm hoping that as they iron out issues during this delivery method transition, efficiency will increase and delivery times will decrease again. I'm always looking into better shipping options, but the Post Office still remains the most efficient and cost effective way to ship packages.

Because of the rate increases, we had to raise the free shipping minimum to $32 and increase the cost of shipping on orders under $32 to $5.50. I chose $32 so you can still buy 2 Cleansers or 2 Moisturizers and receive free shipping. I recognize that is how many customers save on shipping when re-purchasing their core items. We may have to raise the minimum to $35 but we will keep it at $32 for as long as possible. 

Tracking Note: You may have noticed this notation when tracking your order: Processing Exception, Other Delay. This notation started popping up in tracking histories when the Post Office began implementing the above mentioned changes last month. It seems to be the Post Office’s way of notifying the public that all packages may experience extra delays during this transition period. I have noticed that it doesn't always affect delivery times, but sometimes when it appears later on in the tracking history, it does mean the package has encountered a delay on its way to the destination. It doesn't mean it's lost, it just means it's delayed.

If you have any questions or concerns or feedback, feel free to email me directly -

If you made it all the way to this point or even if you didn't, thanks for taking the time to read this update, and again, thank you for your support and your business!

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