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So Many Ways To Exfoliate! Which One Is Right For You?!

Exfoliation is an integral part of any clear and glowing skincare regimen. And you don't need to physically exfoliate for cells to shed. No matter your skin issue, there most likely is an exfoliating product that will help.

The root cause of acne, for instance, is skin that does not properly exfoliate. Dead skin cells that should be naturally falling away, stay behind, clog up pores and eventually lead to a zit.  The most important thing is to find the right exfoliating mechanism for your skin and then stick to a regimen.  Not too little exfoliation and not too much.  Maybe your skin requires a little physical exfoliation or maybe not.

Here's a rundown of our exfoliating products. What's doing the exfoliating and how often they should be used. You might be surprised to find out that most of our products do not physically exfoliate with Sea Salt! See below for all the deets.

Daily Glow Clarifying Rose Cleanser:

Bamboo Buffers gently Micro-Exfoliate in the Rose Cleanser while helping to stimulate collagen production for a naturally clear and plump complexion. Our Pacific Ocean & Himalayan Sea Salt Blend is dissolved into the base, further helping to shed dead skin and unclog pores but without any further physical exfoliation. Use this cleanser if your skin can handle regular exfoliation. You can also alternate it with the Ocean Saltwater Clear Skin Cleanser so you're only exfoliating 2-3 times per week.

Deep Pore Detox Charcoal Cleanser & Salt & Mud Peel In A Scrub:

Bamboo buffers also do the exfoliating in the Charcoal Cleanser and Salt & Mud. The Charcoal Cleanser is one of our strongest cleansers. Best if used on oily and acne prone skin. The Salt & Mud works well on dry skin, psoriasis and ezcema. Our Sea Salt blend is dissolved into the base of these 2 Cleansers as well.

Skin Like New MicroDermabrasion Gentle Resurfacing Paste:

This Skin Like New also exfoliates with Bamboo Buffers! But they are more densely packed and enveloped in a different texture (clay paste) to allow for a deeper exfoliating effect...aka Gentle MicroDermabrasion. Organic Lavender Flower Powder and Bentonite also do some light scrubbing while you massage the Paste into your skin.

Brighten Exfoliate Detox Jelly Mask: 

Oat Extract gives this mask its Jelly texture and lightly exfoliates as you apply it to your skin, clearing the way for Activated Bamboo Charcoal to unclog pores. As the mask dries, the super rich Oat brightens dull areas while Organic Turmeric helps reduce the appearance of dark spots and scars.


Coconut Coffee Repairing Scrub & Charcoal Salt Crush Clearing Scrub:

Our Clarifying Pacific Ocean & Himalayan Sea Salt Blend can be used as a physical exfoliant in both the Coffee Scrub and the Charcoal Crush, but if you want a little less exfoliating action or none at all, simply wet your face ahead of time or squeeze the scrub into your hand and then dilute with water before applying to skin and you'll get all the clarifying action of the salts without any physical exfoliation. Your skin will get all the treatment benefits no matter which way you use these products. Both scrubs are totally customizable to fit any skin type or issue. We grind our sea salt blend down to a fine powder so if you do choose to exfoliate, your skin won't be angry. No micro-tears or any other internet myths will result.

Rapid Detox Charcoal Exfoliant & Instant Glow Powder Exfoliant Lavender:

Last but not least, the Exfoliants can be added to any cleanser for an instant skin clearing and exfoliating boost. The Sea Salt blend does most of the exfoliating along with Oat Flour and Activated Bamboo Charcoal Powder in the Rapid Detox and Organic Lavender Flower Powder, Orange Peel Extract and Licorice Root Extract in the Instant Glow. Add a normal amount of any Cleanser to your hand, (including the Ocean Saltwater, Daily Glow Rose and Skintox Charcoal Bar), sprinkle in a dime sized amount of the Exfoliant, mix together in your hand to form a paste and then apply to skin. You can also apply the Cleanser to your skin first and then massage in the Exfoliant for a few seconds before rinsing.





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