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How to Use Sea Salt for Acne and Saltwater for Acne

Have you ever noticed that your skin looks clearer after a seaside getaway? Maybe you thought it was the sun or just the relaxation from being away. While a little R&R and Vitamin D can help improve the health and clarity of skin, the main reason why your skin looks clearer after a seaside getaway is because swimming in the ocean helps clear up skin. The minerals in the ocean work naturally with the pH balance of your skin to return it to its purest state. The sodium chloride is a natural cleanser and deep pore exfoliant. It fights bacteria on the surface of skin while drawing out impurities from deep within pores. Gradually blemishes are brought to the surface and flushed out while redness is minimized and moisture re-balanced. 

Swimming in Saltwater for Acne


Everyone's complexion is unique but we all have one thing in common: we break out when our skin does not properly exfoliate dead cells through its own natural mechanisms. 

The cells shed unevenly and combine with natural skin oils to form a plug which clogs the pore. Sebum oil and bacteria get trapped inside and continue to build up which leads to an infection, sometimes inflammation and eventually a blemish.

Sea salt water or saltwater combats this chronic problem. The sodium chloride fights bacteria on the surface of skin while deeply exfoliating pores so existing blemishes heal more quickly and emerging breakouts are brought to the surface and flushed out.

With regular use this cycle repeats and skin is retrained to work more efficiently, completing the work acne prone skin is unable to do so most breakouts are prevented from ever forming.


After discovering that swimming in the ocean cleared up my skin, I started driving an hour to the beach every week to bring back buckets full of ocean water to soak in. It wasn't a sustainable solution but it lead to the idea of soaking in dissolved sea salt water. I tried Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Bali, Mediterranean, Atlantic, Celtic, Grey, but the sea salt that ended up working was a combination of Pacific Ocean and Himalayan Pink Salt.

The purity of the Pacific Ocean salt and its ideal percentage of sodium chloride plus the dense healing minerals of the Himalayan Pink Salt cleared my skin up just like the ocean itself.


To reap all the skin clearing benefits of our clarifying salt blend, you can either dissolve the Clarifying Salt Treatment in the bath tub or a bowl and soak your face or body or you can spray the saltwater solution onto your skin.

Sea Salt for Acne

The Clarifying Salt Treatment is also mixed or dissolved directly into the entire Sea Salt Solutions product line including our bestselling Ocean Saltwater Clear Skin Cleanser, Daily Glow Clarifying Rose Toner and Rapid Detox Charcoal Exfoliant.

Ocean Saltwater Cleanser

A common misconception and misunderstanding about sea salt is that it's drying. If you dissolve 1/2 tablespoon of the Clarifying Salt Treatment in 18 ounces of water, spray it onto your skin and leave it on then your skin might start to feel a little dry or sticky after a while just like it does when you get out of the ocean and lay on the beach for a while before rinsing off. If you want to avoid that feeling then dissolving the salts in the bath tub or a bowl and soaking in them might be a better solution for you. All directions and usage guidelines are listed on the individual product pages. Happy soaking, spritzing, masking and cleansing!

Sea salt for acne benefits

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