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An Update from clariSEA

To Our Loyal clariSEA Community,
The Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation is affecting our lives in so many different ways right now.  One of the hardest ways seems to be the uncertainty that it’s causing.
So we wanted to send an update to our community describing the measures we are taking to keep our employees safe and healthy while keeping our business up and running. 

As a small, family operated business we are able to stay nimble and adapt to the situation as it evolves.  Our small crew of dedicated employees is our top priority.  We are keeping the crew informed, trained and up to date on the latest guidelines.  They are on a limited work schedule right now, only coming to work 2 days per week while still being paid full time. 

We already wash our hands continuously throughout the day as required by industry protocols and will continue to do so with even greater frequency to keep everyone safe and healthy.
On a daily basis our facility adheres to both the Good Manufacturing Practices recommended by the FDA and the cleaning protocols required by the Department of Agriculture for our USDA Organic Certification.  This means that we clean and disinfect our facility and equipment every single day, even on non-production days. 
Our cleaning process includes washing all surfaces and equipment with an approved soap, then sanitizing all surfaces and equipment with a bleach water solution and finally disinfecting all surfaces and equipment with an approved Isopropyl Alcohol.  This process, which we already had in place, will continue to make our facility a safe work environment.
We are continuing to follow all guidelines set out by our local and state officials as well as the Centers for Disease Control.  We will continue to reassess the situation on a daily basis in order to do what’s best for our employees, our communities and our families. 
As of Tuesday, March 24th, we are processing new orders in 2-3 business days.  We are here if and when you need your skincare essentials. 
Please take care of yourself and your loved ones.
Stay Well & Much Love,
Ali & the clariSEA Team

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