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Black Creators - This Is For You!

The last few weeks have been heartbreaking for the black community. At any given moment our emotions overflow and tears start flowing as we think about the physical pain, fear, racism and injustice that so many of our friends, colleagues, family members and neighbors have endured. As human beings and as a brand we feel a duty to affirm to our clariSEA community that Black Lives Matter, and commit to finding ways to bring about change.

We have spent the last two weeks doing a lot of soul searching. The biggest question we've asked ourselves is how can we make a meaningful contribution to change in the beauty industry as a small brand, with a small platform? We think it comes back to our core; the foundation of our brand, the ocean. We know that the ocean clears up all skin! Its healing powers do not discriminate. Our customers come from all backgrounds, all races. You have all skin tones, all skin types. I know that because I've talked to you, emailed with you and worked with you to find solutions for your skincare problems over the past 10 years.

We feel a responsibility to do a better job of representing our community in our marketing efforts and specifically right now there is an immediate and ongoing need to do a better job of representing our African-American community. So what better way to be part of a more inclusive future than to invite our fellow African-American skincare lovers and acne sufferers, to use and test our products and then share their content, their voice, experience, perspective and results with our community, their community and everyone who would like to listen and learn.

Here is our plan:

Every other month for the next 6 months we would like to work with an African-American creator to curate a collection of products. We would love for each creator to test a variety of products and then curate a collection that works best for their skin. Content will include a day of posts on our main social media feeds, a takeover in stories and a feature in a dedicated email blast. Each creator will receive a commission on all sales from their curated collection. 

Once the 3 spots fill up, we will also send out samples to additional creators who would like to collab on their own pages. We will create a collage of all these collabs every 2 months as well, on our social media channels.

This is a specific initiative for our fellow African-American skincare lovers and acne sufferers in response to an immediate need for change. But to be fair and truly inclusive, additional collab opportunities will remain open to all creators during this time. 

To apply please send an email to customercare@clarisea.com. Tell us a little bit about you, your skin, your story. We will get back to you at the beginning of July with what opportunity is available and how we can work together.

Thank you!

Much Love,
Ali & the clariSEA Team