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The clariSEA Story

This is the clariSEA Story from the first clariSEA website back in 2010! I remember revising it like 100 times because I wanted to get it just right. I wanted to make sure I hit on every important point that might resonate with my fellow acne sufferers...so they could hopefully find some relief too.


The clariSEA Story

Like many acne sufferers my skin problems started in high school and only got worse as I got older. I visited countless dermatologists and tried every topical and oral acne treatment I could get my hands on but nothing worked. I would breakout a little less, but develop so many new problems, like redness and irritation, that the treatments were no longer worth it.

I gradually developed terrible body acne as well. Every inch of my chest, back and shoulders were covered in pimples. I couldn't wear a t-shirt in the middle of summer because my neck and arms were completely broken out. I was even breaking out on my legs! It was embarrassing and demoralizing. My social life, mood and confidence were all being affected and I hated feeling like I didn't have any control. I dreamt of the day when I could go to bed at night knowing I would wake up in the morning with clear skin.

The summer after college I finally found some hope. I was staying at the beach for a month and the ocean water was unusually warm so I was going for a swim a couple times each day. It was impossible not to notice that my skin was clearing up. It was amazing and such a relief! But sure enough once the summer was over my skin began to return to normal and the frustrating breakouts resurfaced. At first I couldn't let go of my new found remedy. I would drive an hour to the beach every week and bring back buckets full of ocean water just to soak my face. While it did prevent a complete breakout resurgence, it was not a long term solution.

The Discovery!

Then I discovered SEA SALT! I found that soaking in dissolved sea salt water had the exact same affect on my acne as soaking in the ocean itself. But the only types of sea salt I could find were too harsh for my sensitive complexion so I set out on a mission to find the perfect skin clarifying salt for both face and body. Five years and dozens of sea salts later, I finally found it! A blend of 2 precious salts that's gentle enough for delicate facial skin yet strong enough to banish the blemishes.

After using the salts for a couple months, my entire face was clear as were my back, chest, shoulders, arms and neck! I could not believe that I had finally found the answer to all my acne woes. And my skin wasn't just clearer; it was softer, smoother and more evenly toned, like the salts were returning my complexion to its purest state!

The great thing about the Sea Salt Solutions system is that it's effective enough to be used as your one and only skin care regimen, but mild enough to supplement your current routine because the foundation product is 100% natural. And the best part about finding a system that actually works is the comfort and stability that comes from knowing there is always something you can count on to keep your skin clear and keep your life rollin'!!! Enjoy!!

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