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Our Naturals Declaration

What does natural mean to clariSEA?

It means defining what natural means more clearly to you, the consumer. It means being totally transparent so you know what natural actually means for each and every clariSEA product.

 Here is what we’re doing to accomplish that:

  • We call out the total percentage of natural ingredients and/or naturally derived ingredients on the front panel.
  • For the products that are not 100% natural, we have an ingredient key on the back panel at the bottom of the ingredient list and symbols next to each ingredient, showing which are Certified Organic, which are 100% natural, which are of natural origin and which are safe synthetics, if any. Here's the Pretty Skin Moisturizer ingredient list as an example.
  • We use dual-purpose natural preservatives and only 1 nature identical synthetic preservative that is Ecocert and Whole Foods approved.
  • For instance, Aspen Bark Extract doubles as a skin clearing treatment and helps preserve the product. Gluconodeltalactone naturally increases the shelf life of the product, creates a more pleasing texture and consistency and helps keep the product a more attractive white color. It’s also been proven to soften fine lines!
  • All products are fragrance free. Synthetic fragrance is the worst possible trigger for sensitive skin. A few of the products are naturally fragrant. Otherwise each product smells pleasantly natural with low notes of Organic Rosewater and Organic Aloe.
  • We don’t use any dyes or colors.
  • All products are Vegan & Cruelty Free.
  • We formulate and manufacture everything but the bar soap in house.

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