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Take The Pretty Skin Quiz! + Gen Beauty SF Highlights

We just wrapped our very first Generation Beauty in San Francisco! We finally got to meet a bunch of ipsters, find out what kind of skin issues you're having and what makes you feel uniquely pretty.

I'll take you on a virtual tour of the booth! First, you took the Pretty Skin Quiz while standing in line to identify your main skin issues and which products will fix them. 


Then we gave you a super quick skincare consultation to find the perfect sample!  Before you left we gave you a coupon to use at California CVS stores for $2 off any item.

Then you hopped over to the Pursue Your Own Pretty Wall and wrote down what makes you feel uniquely pretty! It was so cool and I'm glad so many ipsters were into it. 

Little did we know that ipsy was going to have a "Speak Pretty" wall at the event too where you could write a compliment to yourself and then slip it into the wall through a huge set of lips!  So there were tons of good and positive vibes all around. 

Until next year SF!  

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  • I think your skincare products are great for younger women and very.affordable.

    Cynthia Knisely

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